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Our resort offers luxury accommodations to ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable while you are away. Overnight guests have multiple options from cozy kennels with plush bedding to luxury suites with all of the bells and whistles. See our Activities and Mini Bar pages for an extensive selection of extras to help you personalize your pet’s vacation!

Ulti-mutt Pup-cation:

Single Room

Our single rooms are individual kennels designed for single occupancy. Each is outfitted with a plush blanket for your pet’s comfort. These kennels are best for dogs that are used to being in a kennel at home. They provide a cozy space and privacy while still allowing your pet to be a part of the activities of the day.

  • Small - $40/night - 22”W x 28”D x 28”H - up to 15lbs
  • Medium - $45/night - 28”W x 28”D x 28”H - up to 25lbs
  • Large - $50/night - 34”W x 28”D x 28”H - up to 35lbs
  • X-Large - $55/night - 45”W x 28”D x 28”H - up to 50lbs

* double occupancy in our X-Large single room may be allowed under certain circumstances, please inquire at the time of booking

Junior Suite

Our junior suites are larger spaces with glass front doors that allow a little more freedom and are suitable for individual pets or for families. Each is outfitted with a plush blanket or a trampoline bed can be requested for the medium or large junior suites at no additional charge. Elevated bowls are also available at your request.

  • Small - $60/night - 29”W x 58”D
  • Medium - $65/night - 35”W x 58”D
  • Large - $70/night - 43”W x 58”D

Luxury Suites

Our luxury suites are designed with your pup’s every need in mind. Each 8’x8’ room is decorated with rich colors and deluxe bedding. These rooms are intended to feel like a home away from home with actual beds, a cozy rug and a flat screen tv. A sound machine helps keep your pet calm and even has a bark sensor that detects when they are feeling anxious and turns on automatically.

  • $85/night

We know that all dogs are not created the same so the listed weight limits are not hard and fast rules, but rather guidelines to help you choose which will be right for your pet. If your schedule allows, it is recommended that you stop by for a tour so you can see the spaces available before you decide which is best for your beloved pup!

Doggie Daycare

Our daycare provides the extra enrichment and activity that your pup needs while you are at work or running errands. Play with tug toys, snuffle mat, puzzles, etc will keep them both mentally and physically stimulated. In order to provide them the attention they need and deserve, we do limit the number of attendees so we recommend booking well in advance to secure a spot.

  • $35/day (single rooms only)
  • 5 days at 10% off = $157
  • 10 days at 15% off = $297
  • 20 days at 20% off = $560

Purrrrfect Getaway:


Each condo has three levels for our guests to climb on with a cubby on the top level for when they feel like they need a little privacy. Cat’s love the extra room and the independence to move around freely.

  • $35/night

Luxury Suite

Our luxury cat suite provides the best of the best for your special kitty! A flat screen TV provides constant entertainment for those cats looking for a laid back getaway while our climbing wall provides hours of exercise fun for those who want a more active adventure. A private litter area, a water fountain and a fluffy bed ensure the utmost comfort during their stay.

  • $55/night

* For our overnight guests, if you have more than one dog/cat that you want to stay together in one space, we offer a 25% discount for each additional pet staying in the same condo or suite.

dog suite
Dog Luxury Suites

Board you pup in a luxury suite while you're away.

dog suite
Dog Junior Suite

For single dogs spending the night. Each single room comes with a cozy blanket.

dog suite
Dog Single Room

For single dogs spending the night. Each single room comes with a cozy blanket.

cat suite
Cat Suites

Treat your cat to an amazing suite while you are on your trip.

cat condos
Cat Condos

Your cat can have their own condo while you're out of town.