cat with stuffed animal

Indoor Play - Available in increments of 15 min for $18

Our indoor playroom has everything needed to keep your pup active and entertained. There is also a comfy, supportive trampoline bed for your pup to rest on in between adventures.

Snuffle Mat

Made of high quality fleece, this mat stimulates your dog’s sense of smell and foraging instincts by having them hunt for pieces of kibble buried within it. The mat slows feeding and provides entertainment.

Agility Tunnel

When the zoomies hit, your pup can run circles through this 6 foot tunnel or housemates can chase each other round and round.

Ball Pit

The ball pit provides a safe enclosed space for your dog to play. Filled with heavy duty 3” plastic balls, it stimulates mental and physical activity, prevents boredom, and is particularly beneficial for high-energy dogs that need an extra exercise boost.


Research shows that dogs do not recognize their reflection in mirrors but rather view it as another dog and often engage in submissive play with it leading to a positive and enriching experience for them.


An array of toys chosen specifically for their ability to stimulate your pup’s senses of sight, sound and smell are available for them to play with.

Outdoor Play - Available in increments of 15 min for $15

Our outdoor play pens provide a way for your pup to channel their energy into something positive and fun. Outdoor playtime can help improve socialization, reduce stress, and reinforce positive behavior. It is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to care for your pet’s well-being! Each outdoor kennel is 5’x8’ and allows plenty of room to run around and play or just enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Our staff will spend extra time with your pup, playing with tug toys, tennis balls, etc.

Coming Soon: Outdoor Playground!

We are very excited to introduce our outdoor playground coming in Spring/Summer 2024. It is being designed to satisfy your pups every need including plush artificial grass, agility equipment, toys, water feature, etc. Stay tuned...

Enrichment/Extras for you canine companions.

Frozen peanut butter Kong - $3 each

Each durable kong toy is filled with your choice of peanut butter specially made for dogs. Freezing them makes it more challenging to lick out, providing at least 20-30 minutes of activity and distraction. Licking releases endorphins and has been proven to help relax anxious dogs.

Tug-o-war 10 min $10

Your pup will get one on one time with one of our dedicated kennel attendants playing a good old fashioned game of tug-o-war.

Enrichment/Extras for you feline companions.

Climbing Wall 15 min $10

The climbing wall includes scratching pads, scratching posts, stairs, hammocks and so on for a great way to keep your cat physically active and engaged in species-typical behavior like scratching and climbing.

Laser Play 10 min $10/h2

This cat toy chirps like a real bird and flaps its wings to encourage interactive play. It is made of soft durable plush for your cat to wrestle, swat, bat and snuggle. A catnip pouch is included inside the bird belly.

Equal Opportunity Extras

Brushout 15 min $15

Brushing and belly rubs give your pup that extra special attention they need to keep them calm and happy. One of our dedicated staff will spend 15 minutes carefully brushing your pup’s fur and giving them the TLC they deserve. *while we do brush the fur during these sessions, mats/tangles will not be removed.

Waterless Shampoo (includes brushout) - $25/ea

Waterless shampoo is a great option to keep your pup’s fur clean and smelling good without putting them through the process of a full bath.

Text & Photo Update - $2/ea

One communication per day is included in the boarding fee but if you can’t get enough cute pics of your furry friend, we are happy to send more throughout the day!

Facetime/Zoom Call - $10/ea

Photos not enough?!? Have some one-on-one time during a Facetime/Zoom call so you can see first hand how happy your pet is while letting them hear your voice and know you aren’t far away