barista dog with coffee

Our Mini Bar is designed to satisfy even the most discerning of pets. We focus on healthy, all natural treats that are as fun as they are tasty. Pick one or more to help make your pet’s stay as special as they are!

Menu Items for Cats

catnip felted ball
Catnip infused felted ball
nulo lickable treats
Nulo Lickable Treat
goat milk for cats
star cookie treats
Milk and cookies
herring snack for cats
cat teeth hygiene sticks
Fish and sticks

Menu Items for Dogs

peanut butter sticks
All natural peanut butter treats
dog coffee treat
dog donut treats
Coffee and donuts (2 carob flavored treats and 2 mini donuts)
doggie trail mix
Trail Mix (10oz)
doggie charcuterie board
Barkuterie Board (enough to last several days)
doggie ice cream treat
doggie ice cream treats
Ice Cream Bar
doggie wine treat
doggie cheese treats
Wine and Cheese
dog beer treat
dog pretzel treats
Beer and Pretzels